Em is for Monday, mustard and morons…

This is my first blog.  First real blog that is.  Free from high school bullshit drama that can only be concerned with who’s cheatin’ who and whatnot.  I think the coolest thing about this one is that it’s completely honest, and it’s completely my life.  No hype, no gloss, no pretense…just me and the crazy/boring/ridiculous/stupid/hilarious/obnoxiousness that is my life sometimes.  So come on in the water’s just fine…    
     Life is pretty wonderful especially at the moment 😉 . Its monday…I thought it was an appropriate day to start this thing so here it is. I’m typing this on my phone. Rediculous I know but my explanation is actually quite good. You see, my trusty Powerbook G4 lost its charge a few weeks back and the charger has gone to shit so I haven’t had a computer in 2 weeks. Sad but true.
     It’s been a quiet monday; Lunch with Mare at Chili’s was yummy, and then work till around 6. It was a pretty lazy evening putzing around the house…killing spiders and sweeping stoops and whatnot. Then I finally just made some food and watched Weeds. The storyline’s being drawn out at the moment so it wasn’t too exciting of an episode.  Maybe next week things will get more interesting now that Nancy’s dealing again..who knows.
After Weeds, Penn & Teller:Bullshit came on.  I started to change the channel when I realized they were talking about people who honestly thought they suffer from environmental anxiety.  They even carried rocks around in their pockets to “bring them closer to nature”.  I laughed the whole hour.  Turns out it’s a whole series too.  This one basically just bashed Al Gore and the whole carbon credits bullshit scam…and of course they interviewed everyone suffering from environmental anxiety along with the good doctor who was treating them.  I think she was my favorite loony of the night.  I couldn’t believe she actually prescribed therapy sessions consisting of walking a fake labrynth in search of ‘the answer’ and spending time in the outdoors just starring at a tree until the feel forgiven for the damage they’ve done to our planet.
  The rest of the time they uncovered the dirt behind the whole carbon credit “investment business” shit.  This one lady they interviewed sat there and explained the whole thing and then proceeded to answer with “I really couldn’t tell you”–or something like that–when asked what the importance of her company was.  Hopefully not all these businesses are a load of crap.  I think the idea of carbon credits is a solid concept, but I doubt that anything’s really getting done if people like Al Gore are manipulating the system, by paying themselves to save the environment, while they use more energy in a month than the average American does in a year!  
     As far as Pen And Teller’s “do nothing” approach to global warming, I’m calling bullshit.  Global warming is real, and it is changing our planet.  Maybe it is a natural cycle that we can’t do anything about, and while it is true that if we could control it we don’t quite yet know how, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be trying.  I honestly think it’s ridiculous that people are JUST NOW starting to take this thing seriously.  We only have one earth people, and I’d like to think that when I’m 80 I can still swim in the creek at Percy Warner and eat good ole Louisiana seafood straight from lake P without having to detoxify myself afterward.  And don’t even go there…I know I’m not perfectly “green”…in an environmentally savvy way…but no one is.  Half the people out there preaching change are driving Land Rovers (just like the carbon credits lady on Bullshit) and and pumping them full of E-85 ethanol to make up for it, even though it requires twice as much energy to produce than it saves us in the end.  I’m happy with my no littering rule, and my weekly trips to whole foods.  I carpool every second I get–admittedly mostly because gas is rediculous but it still counts–I make the holly st. kids pick up all the litter on the ground even when it’s not ours, I recycle and keep my thermostat on 75-ish.  I’ve got a whole new pack of those special bulbs that use 1/3 less energy I just bought at Sam’s Club just waiting to replace the ones I’m currently using…those are supposed to last for a year or some rediculousness like that but we’ll see.  I’d like to think that I’m doing my part considering I’m a broke-as-fuck college student who couldn’t afford to ‘invest’ my money in some bullshit carbon credits company isn’t even regulated to put my donation towards anything energy related at all…hmmm on second thought maybe I should start my own ccc and make a few extra benjamins Every now and then… There’s obviously nothing people won’t believe. And to close, I honestly don’t know how Al Gore got a fucking NOBEL PEACE PRIZE just for making an over dramatic powerpoint presentation  I’ve never been more bored in my entire life. Maybe he could have given me tips on my mancomm final. I think I got docked for saying umm too many times.

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