I’ve been living in the dark.  A world without variety, style, taste, rock n’ roll, education, exposure, and entertainment; A world without FUSE.   After the recent move the roommate and I chose to upgrade to digital cable (plus SHOWTIME) and there, on channel 148, was the golden ticket.  I had no idea there actually was a cable channel that understood what music means to people.  MTV sure as fuck has no clue, and VH1’s recent addition of I Love Money to their roster makes me want to rip out my eyeballs and just straight up put my brain on ice until a later date.  With the light of FUSE in my life however, everything is beautifully musical again.  Take this very moment for example, there’s a coundown…top 10…devoted entirely to POP music.  Not Hip/Hop, not Country, not even shitty teen pop…straight up P-O-P POP.  Katy Perry, Rihana–which, ok I guess is R&B but Take A Bow is indeed more POP than anything else so it slides–Paramore, Panic!, Alicia…all great songs that I want to hear and MTV never plays.  



Holy shit actual music videos on TV!

Holy shit actual music videos on TV!



     FUSE plays a LOT more music and has a lot more informative/educational music related material (The Weekly Riff) streaming through the aiwaves than anyone else and that is fo sho!  This is the direction MTV should have gone in the 90’s when rock was barely hanging onto the charts while pop was digging it’s claws into the top spot.  Now, I’m not saying I don’t love pop music because I do.   I grew up on that shit and it was awesome, but the no talent clowns that have been passing themselves off as singers and musicians the last few years is appalling.  Now that things have started to turn around though, FUSE is the one on the forefront of TV that I want to watch…and MTV is good for nothing but…well…nothing.  

     Perhaps it’s a matter of demographic and I just don’t fit into MTV’s anymore, but I know where MTV came from and I know that everyone used to love it for the music not the filler reality shows.  Actually fuck that noise, I remember when MTV was good.  I’m not THAT young.  I vegged out infront of POP-Up Video marathons just as much as the next millennial and I’m sad I can’t do that anymore.  Just as friends grow together and grow apart, so I grow from MTV with hope in my heart that one day it will join the rest of us at the cool kids table soon.  Until then 148 is the new 34.



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