Dear skanky ass hoes,

You’re stupid.  I used to feel sorry for you, but now you’re just…stupid.  Please try to use your brain next time you think about seducing little boys…don’t you have anything better to do?  Haven’t you gotten bored yet cause it seems like you’ve been playing the same fucked up little games for the last three years.  That’s too much drama fo me mama, and you should know better by now.  So, I am hereby requesting that if you’re going to continue your destructive ways you at least stop trying to make everyone feel sorry for you when you “get your heart broken”.  I’m tired of hearing it, and everyone else is too.  You have become a joke, and honestly nothing short of pathetic.  You should probably work on growing up too.  And try thinking about someone besides yourself next time you ride a bike without a helmet.  It’s just poor judgement really.



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