Country Boys Rock Music City USA

In a town saturated with wannabe rock stars The Hollywood Kills stand alone as the freshest, catchiest, and most talented young band to rock the Nashville scene in a long, long while.  The foursome came to be in 2006 when Jonathon Jircitano (Lead vocals/guitar), Jonny Angel (Drums), Brent Powelson (Guitar/vocals), and Dylan Rowe (Bass) began playing and living together in the woods of Springfield, Tennessee.  After a year writing, practicing, and braving the extremities of Tennessee’s seasons—without heat or air conditioning mind you—the four friends emerged as a unified front against the mundane cookie-cutter “rock” that has smothered recent popular music.

Without wasting any time, The Hollywood Kills played show after show in and around Nashville and began working with manager Brian Waymier of Dreamscapers International in early 2007.  The band showcased at the SXSW music festival in Austin, Texas that spring, and by the time summer rolled around they had won the Myspace &Honda Civic Tour Opening Band Contest in Atlanta, Georgia where they earned a spot on the opening stage, playing alongside Fall Out Boy and The Academy Is…just to name a few.  The band rounded out the year traveling around the southeast perfecting their craft and tightening a sound that would set them apart from the rest of the rock world.

In between their hectic tour schedule, THK managed to find the time to collaborate with friend and fellow musician Sean Harris of The Matches.  Sean appears on their hugely popular song “Theif”, which was written about one of the band’s best friends who turned on them and stole over fifteen hundred dollars worth of instruments and equipment while they slept.  Sean also helped to design the band’s current logo, a robot holding a damsel in distress, which is extremely symbolic of The Hollywood Kills’ music.  “The robot represents Hollywood” guitarist Brent Powelson comments.  “And the lady is Norma Jean.  The real tinsel town destroys a persons’ true self and creates this superficial, brainwashed shell…that’s what we’re trying to fight…that’s what our music is all about, promoting the individual and celebrating  everyone as their own person.”  Another fan favorite “Jean” (the damsel in distress) touches on the trials and tribulations of being yourself in a world full of carbon copies, and is perhaps one of the most meaningful songs in The Hollywood Kills’ repertoire.

2008 saw nothing but continued success for the foursome, who showcased yet again at the SXSW music festival and spent the majority of the spring writing and recording whenever possible.  In June, creative differences forced drummer and long-time friend Johnny Angel to leave the band, and a month later, Brandon Jenkins (formerly of Jersey Sky) joined as an official member of The Hollywood Kills.  Today the boys from the wood are busy rocking the southeast with their energetic live shows, insanely catchy melodies, and killer riffs as they continue to tour and spread their music to the masses.  There’s no telling what the future has in store, but if this little band from Nashville, Tennesse has anything to say about it there will be nothing but big dreams and even bigger payoffs.  This is fair warning world, The Hollywood Kills are coming.


Check out The Hollywood Kills as they perform live at Dirty Jack’s in Cinncinnati, OH.  The show will be broadcast live as the boys bring down the house just for you.  Details on how to tune in later.  Stay tuned.


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