“Hello World!”-Alkaline Trio

I don’t know where people have been for the last twelve years, but unfortunately they haven’t been knocking at Alkaline Trio’s doorstep…until recently that is.  The chicago-based punk/rock band has been doing the dark and twisted thing since they broke onto the local chicago rock scene back in the mid nineties.  Ever since their sound has grown and evolved as flawlessly and seamlessly as any artist could hope for.  Their recent release, “Agony & Irony” dropped July 1st, 2008 and has already made a big splash in the world of–you guessed it–popular music.  

The release of their fourth full-length album came after months of blood, sweat and tears, fighting with record labels, and finalizing contracts.  The record itself, however, was fairly effortless for the threesome.  In a recent interview with FUSE frontman Matt Skiba revealed that “Agony & Irony” is probably one of the most straightforward records the band has made since Goddamnit.  “We got a good cut and we we’re like, ‘great. keep it. let’s move on.'”  Thanks to their minimalist approach to production the record comes across as an incredibly honest effort that seems to fit the band like a glove.  Considering the chicago-based rockers have been doing this for quite some time now (since 1996 to be exact) it makes sense that their music take a more mature, intimate turn addressing issues like war and the ultimate emotion, love.  Thankfully Alkaline Trio have managed to harness the raw energy of “Goddamnit” and and cross-breed it with the more polished hooks of “Crimson” which seems to be the magic formula considering the success the album has had.  Since it’s release “Agony & Irony” has been a feature on FUSE’s “Incoming!” a staple on TRL and has been nominated for a Video Music Award for Best Rock Video.  The Trio is also heading out on the road, as we speak, to tour North America with fellow rockers Rise Against, The Gaslight Anthem, and Thrice.  (November 20th Caroline!! wink wink!)  Dates are scheduled nationally so go buy tickets now!  It’s going to be a fantastic show, and I’m so excited to finally see Trio play a full-length set and Rise Against is a personal favorite of mine so that’ll be an added bonus. Long live Alkaline Trio!


2 thoughts on ““Hello World!”-Alkaline Trio

  1. Hi. I’m at work. And superhungry. It’s lunch time. A week from now you will be working here. That is super exciting. When I got my hair did yesterday we listened to AT, I thought of you. I just got a new rough mix of Thief, it sounds awesome, Jirc and Shawn have the coolest voices ever.

    So I was thinking… you should post like half of your blogs on your myspace page and say “continue after the break” and then link it up to this page… just an idea:)

  2. yay! i cant wait to see yoooou! fuck trio! just jokes… 😉 i pretty much cant wait to see skiba again, LOL 🙂
    shayne took pics with a throwaway that he snuck into the last show at house of blues and still hasnt gotten them processed. (processed…?…is that the word..ugh, i use digital now).
    but yeah.. and love the BLOG. this is great for you. you are DOIN IT! i’m so glad you’re attacking life, cuz!
    keep writing, sister!

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