Next Big Nashville

Just getting excited about Next Big Nashville in two weeks!  All my favorite local bands right at my fingertips!  Ahh the pleasures of strolling from one venue to the next, sipping beer after beer, and swaying to the sounds of The Hollywood Kills, Autovaughn, Cage The Elephant, The Features, and many more.  And let’s not forget about the panels during the day.  I stumbled over my words the other day and I felt like a complete naive douche bag kid when I said, “I’m trying to get a VIP pass actually” after being asked if I would be attending the festivities.  The reality of the situation is that I’m just too fucking broke to buy one right this moment so I’m putting it off until the last possible second.  I am extremely excited, however, to attend the “Nashville Curse” panel on September 11th, as well as “The Art of Co-writing” one that takes place that same morning.  After all, this is a huge opportunity for youngsters like myself to get out there and meet people.  They say networking is the most important thing you can do with your time while you’re a student in the music industry…the last few months have proved that to one hundred percent true.  Thus my interest in NBN-besides the fact that it’s live show heaven.  Now all I have to d is pray my teachers accept NBN as a legitimate excuse for missing class.  Wish me luck!


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