Local Rockers Find “Salvation” in Eclectic Pop


         I’ve been hearing for a while that The Features are going to be the next big band from Nashville, TN.  Fans rave about their live shows and a friend of mine even claimed that they managed to outshine the Kings of Leon during a recent tour together.  The foursome is currently doing their damnedest to break the UK market, hoping the upcoming release of their second full-length studio album will be the answer to their proverbial prayers.  Time will only tell if they amass the same amount of success overseas as their back-home-brothers Cage The Elephant have managed, but I can personally attest to the talent and potential The Features posses.

       Their upcoming release “Some Kind Of Salvation” will mark The Features first full-length album after falling from major-label-graces in 2005, and will be available before you know it on TheFeatures.com.  “Some Kind of Salvation” boasts a hodgepodge of musical standouts like “The Drawing Board”, “Lions” and my personal favorite “The Temporary Blues” about that shit-job you just cant stand but really can’t live without.  Their lyrics are clearly fueled by personal experience and conflict, and reflect perfectly the kind of honesty that’s so often absent in popular music today. 

       Despite being dropped from Universal after only a year on the roster, The Features have managed to retain their musical integrity while attempting to break the so-called “Nashville curse” to which so many bands before them have succumb.  This time around, however, the little band from Sparta, Tennessee is making huge waves with a sound that’s definitely more refined and a collection of tracks that are so cohesive you might find yourself asking where one ends and the other begins.  Funky horns and explosive hooks take listeners on a journey of self-discovery as only The Features could.  And it’s no wonder, with tracks like “GMF”—where zombie vegetables take their non-conformist farmer hostage—and “Wooden Heart”—a post-break up/rebound anthem about putting the shine back on that tarnished, but most important blood-pumping organ—there’s no ignoring the fact that The Features—“off track” or not—are  poised to make a bold statement in the world of rock music. 

Look for the latest from The Features on iTunes later this month!  

And don’t forget to check out The Features on stage during Next Big Nashville.  September 13th, 12:30am at City Hall.


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