Next*Big*Nashville continues with a bang!

“I wanna hear you singin’ it loud…”


Thursday night, besides the start of NBN shows, was also the first Nashville show for my favorite local band The Hollywood Kills, since their performance at Barack the Vote back in August.  THK played The Cannery Ballroom at 9:30 Thursday night and absolutely brought down the house.  Their cover of “Johnny Be Good” had everyone shaking their tails and fan favorites like “Jean” and “Faithless” really showcased the shear talent that The Hollywood Kills have to offer.  

        Of course there were the usual soaring solos and piercing harmonies the boys have become known for, but what stood out the most was how tight they’ve become over the last year alone.  Even after replacing a drummer and struggling with the major label machine THK has risen above all obstacles to emerge as one of the most promising bands Nashville, Tenn. has to offer.  In fact, I remember watching N*B*N festivities this same time last year and questioning whether they were ready to play such a large local event.  Just 12 months later, however The Hollywood Kills were no doubt a major part of the highlight reel of N*B*N 2008.

If you missed THK Thursday night fear not!  The boys will be playing in TWO DAYS at Windows on the Cumberland.  That’s September 17th…this Wednesday people so don’t miss it.  They’ll also be playing the Naked Without Us fashion show at The Exit/In on September 26th, 2008 mark your calendars now!  


Finding “Salvation” in The Features

Also a recent favorite of mine, The Features rocked the house Saturday night at Cannery Ballroom.  If you missed this show you should be ashamed!  Their show is so high-energy it’s ridiculous and the diversity of the crowd was really interesting to watch.  Everyone was dancing and screaming along to the lyrics!  Pelham’s vocals were spot on, proving The Features’ worth beyond the studio setting.  It was great!  It was definitely one of the highlights of N*B*N for me. 

            I wish they had played more from their upcoming release though.  I know it’s not fair that I have it already…don’t be jealous…but I expected them to debut smashes like “The Temporary Blues” and “The Drawing Board”, instead of “Whatever Gets You By” and “The Gates of Hell.”  Still, no complaints it was a fantastic set.  And, since I now own their first full-length album I have a newfound appreciation for some of the older tracks they played.  Now I just wish I could see them again!  Unfortunately the closes they’ll be playing to Nashville for a minute is 527 Mainstreet down in Murfreesboro…BUT that show is at 9 p.m. on September 25 so mark your calendars.






*All pictures by Alex H.-MiscPause


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