Red Gorilla Music Fest Now Taking Submissions!!!



Get your epk’s together folks, it’s time to submit to Red Gorilla Music Fest.  The four-day-long indie-rock festival takes place in Austin, Tx., and showcases over 200 bands annually.  Oh, and did I mention that it’s completely free.  No wristbands, no badges, no cover just four days packed full of free shows.

RedGorilla is one of the premier festivals in Austin, Tx., and runs at the same time as SXSW Music Festival**.  It’s an amazing opportunity to showcase your band, and because you’ve got SXSW going on at the same time they’ll be twice as many people roaming the streets looking to hear some good music.  That means twice the exposure and twice as many people to sell merch to.  “A true phenomenon, the…showcases during SXSW may be the only showcases in Austin that truly capture the spirit of independent music! When I want to see a new band, RedGorilla showcases always surprise and amaze!” said Matt Fecher, Executive Director of Southpark Music Festival.  If you’re an indie band in the continental US and you can make it to Austin on your own submit to this festival NOW!   


Red Gorilla is really easy to submit to as well, so if you know anyone who has a band that’s serious about making the trip to Austin make sure and remind them to fill out an application TODAY!  You can visit Red Gorilla here and click on SHOWCASES, then ENTRY FORM up at the top.  Submit your entry form online, or print it and mail it in.  You also need to include two copies of your music on CD or tape, a press kit, including bio and photo, a blurb about the band or artist to be used in the RedGorilla Music Fest program*, and a $30 application fee*.  If you have questions beyond any of that, you can e-mail RedGorilla at

Get your applications in as soon as possible, and hopefully we’ll see you at this year’s festival.





*Max. 30 words.  RedGorilla Music Fest reserves the right to edit submitted text.

**RedGorilla Music Fest is in no way affiliated with SXSW Music Festival.


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