Did you see The Champion play N*B*N?

I know it’s a bit delayed but there’s been a lot going on this last week or so, and I still want to share a little piece of my NBN experience so here we go. 

We all saw the big bands; Autovaughn, The Pink Spiders, THK and The Features.  You may, however, have missed a pretty stellar performance by The Champion and His Burning Flame.  I hadn’t even heard of the band until they found me out here in cyberspace, but I’m really glad I took the time to check out their show last Friday at The Basement.


The Champion And His Burning Flame can be defined by a pursuit of truth and importance in art.  Fueled by the desire to create, the foursome has built their concept around the human experience, and says their overall goal of The Champion is to “capture something [specific] about the human experince and put it on display with a frailty so intimate that one could begin to use the word ‘damaged’ in a good way.  Damaged like a pair of well-worn hands.”  I would argue, with their performance last Friday, the boys successfully managed to do just that.  Standouts on stage included “Citizen”–even the old lady in the corner was grooving to this one–and “Said The Fat Man” both showcasing the potential The Champion possesses.  The setting was intimate, and their performance reminded me of early Death Cab For Cutie or The Spill Canvas, with a less-refined, but just as tasty dash of The Features thrown in for good measure.    

The best part about The Champion, however is the untamed honesty and surprising heir of wisdom they showcase in their lyrics.  On their recent EP The French, storytelling at it’s best is brought to life in tracks like “L’Expertise” as they explore a complicated, yet meticulous tale of truth and virtue.  With a complete cast of characters none the less.  The lyrical brain of this project should be celebrated for his dexterous vocabulary and precise execution of thought.

If you were elsewhere last friday night and missed The Champion and His Burning Flame, I’m sorry for you.  It’s alright though because they’re playing again on October 16 at Mainstreet-527 with Canon Blue and then again on October 22 at The Basement.  Bottom line, remember the name.  The Champion and His Burning Flame.  It’ll be interesting to see where these guys are in a few years.





*All photos by Alex H.-MiscPause


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