Hanson Brothers Pack Wildhorse Saloon, Schools Country Capital In Rock ‘N Roll

Photo from HANSON.NET

Don’t be shy.  You remember the 90’s pop phenom Hanson and you know it.  What you may not realize is that the brothers are still making music more than ten years after they Mmm Bop’d their way into our hearts and then disappeared before our eyes.  

The brothers packed out the Wildhorse Saloon Friday night complete with special guests Everybody Else and The Veronicas.  Everybody Else warmed up the crowd with a slue of incredibly catchy tunes from their 2007 self-titled EP including “Meat Market” and “Makeup”.  The Veronicas however we’re a little less rockin’ and a little more scream-o for some reason, which I’m not sure who allowed, but when they busted out an old favorite “4Eva” and stopped trying to imitate Underoath things warmed up a little.  

The lights finally came down around 9:30 p.m. followed by the usual blood-curdling scream of thousands of Hanson fans and the opening chords of “Something Goin’ Round.”  Favorites like “If Only” and “Strong Enough To Break” were sandwiched in between staples like “A Minute Without You” and the obvious “Mmm Bop.” The crowds’ reaction to the bands’ most popular single was living proof that music can move the masses.  It took the less hardcore fans a moment to realize the band was actually playing “Mmm Bop” but the second the chorus hit, the house lights went up and the crowd exploded.  Dancing, jumping, waving their arms, shaking their fists and screaming along, there wasn’t a still body in the house.

The boys played for a whopping two-and-a-half hours without missing a note or breaking a beat.  They debuted some new material that was also available to fans who pre-ordered their book that’s coming out this fall.  Zac broke it down with a solo rendition of “Fire On The Mountain” just before the brothers regrouped for an acoustic version of “Strong Enough To Break.”  

In a standout moment of the night Hanson put their instruments down altogether and did what they do best, an a cappella treat in the form of “Change In My Life.” (Think Rockapella) The sound of their voices in perfect unison is something everyone should hear.  Forget about the “Mmm Bop” ridiculousness and whatever you thought about them when you were 12 and give Hanson a second chance.  These boys are true artists and incredible musicians.  Zac played both drums and guitar during the show, and Taylor made stops at the Piano, guitar, and drums before the night was over.  And they played for almost three hours, only taking a short break before the encore.  Impressive to say the least.

The boys closed the night with a two-song encore, the first of which was a new song called “Believe”…I believe.  The best part of the night was the last song…”Lost Without Each Other!”  I had forgotten how much I absolutely love that song.  Needless to say I rocked out so hard.  It was a fantastic, magical show as always.  Thank you Hanson for reaffirming my faith in music.



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