Lefsetz Response: Economy/Live Shows

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The post talks about the economy and concerts

I know this was only on part of your last post but it got me thinking…
Nothing against Madonna, but she’s pretty “over”.  The only fans she’s got left have been there from the begining, or are probably going to her shows with someone who has.  Her superstar days are done as far as I’m concerned.  I can’t tell you the last single of hers that meant something to me.  And, kids today don’t know her from adam.  If you asked a 15 year old what Madonna’s good for they’re gonna reference stupid shit like “music” or “4 minutes”.  As far as I’m concerned you couldn’t pay me to buy an overpriced ticket to her show because she’s “legendary” just to see her run around in spandex trying to save the world in 4 minutes…good luck with that.
And….as far as live shows go I don’t think they’re going to suffer much at all.  People going to shows, and the people who have been going to shows for the last ten years it seems, aren’t killing time or just looking for something to do on a friday night.  They’re there because they love the music and they’re real fans.  If you’re going to go to a show you’re going to go to a show.  You might plan and then fail to follow through, but if you really intended to go to the show in the first place you make it happen.  That’s just how it is.  And fans who forgo shows today because they “can’t afford it” probably wouldn’t have gone to shows five years ago either.  I’ve been to 5 sold out shows in the last two months, and one of them was HANSON!  Yes…the MmmBop brothers themselves!  Because they have real fans who love them for their music and their message.  When’s the last time you saw someone camping out on the street for three days in the snow for Madonna?  Show me one and I’ll show you a dozen more who dedicate their lives to traveling around the country seeing show after show of acts like Ben Kweller, Gavin DeGraw, Stephen Kellogg, Michael Tolcher, or Pat Green.  The best part about it is that they’re relatively unknown artists…for the most part.  Doesn’t that say something?…like, “they’re music is the highlight of the show” not  pyrotechnics and flashy spandex.
The same thing applies for artists.  If you’re an act that can’t build a fan base and draw people out of seclusion to see you play, you shouldn’t be wasting your time.  You can’t blame it all on the economy…you have to admit the talent pool we’ve been turning to for “hits” for the last decade is pathetic.  What happened to superstars and lasting careers?  We ruined them with single-oriented marketing and ridiculously redundant playlists.
Bottom line, we’re going to have to re-educate our youth on how to love music for what music is supposed to be loved for, and stop putting shitty shit shit out there for people to munch on.
Keep em comin Bob


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