Who Let The Yankees In The Chip Shop?!

I love California.  Los Angeles especially.  The light and the energy and the palm trees.  It really is God’s playground and I can’t wait to live here!


We saw The Matches at The Troubadour.  Stellar show.  That venue’s awesome and I swear it smelled like Whataburger the whole time.  The sound in that room is pristine, and despite what I’ve heard about L.A audiences, they were pretty into even the opening bands. 

So The Matches were opening for Bayside.  Valencia and someone else played before them too.  Valencia…check…brining it back old school.   They’re sound reminds me of early New Found Glory and garage bands of our high school days.  Granted their record is a lot more refined than their live shows, but there’s nothing wrong with that if you do it right…and they do.  Those boys have a great energy on stage, and vocals were spot on.  Give it a good ole iTunes listen and get that shit cause you need it.

Luckily we got to The Troub. as Valencia was starting their set so there wasn’t a lot of wait time.  I hate waiting.  LIFE IS NOT A WAITING ROOM….go get that too.  The Matches finally graced us with their presence round 9-ish maybe.  Great set, great energy, great stage presence, great message—go vote…and vote NO on Prop. 8.  It’s great to see everyone come together on that one—they’re just so fun to watch live.  And little Dylan is such a part of that band it’s ridiculous.  Like… we’re you ever in THK cause you fit like a glove in The Matches.   

The set list was pretty phenomenal too.  They opened with “Sunburn” and followed it up with favorites like “We Are One,” “Yankees In A Chip Shop,” and of course “Papercut Skin”.  That one makes me think of Donkey Kong for some reason. 

I’ve seen them three times now.  Once without Dylan–and twice with–and I can they just keep getting better and better.  And I’m always so amazed at how Shawn has perfected his voice.  It’s such an instrument in itself, and he has definitely mastered it.  Even though some would say he doesn’t have the best set of pipes there’s no denying that he knows how to use what he’s got to the best of his ability.  And that warble thing he does…I’m jealous. I can’t even begin to figure that out. 

It was such a great show! 

Bob’s Big Boy afterwards was pretty stellar too.  Best taco salad ever!  And Avocado!  Tennessee needs to learn what that word means, cause right now they have no clue.  You can’t even get good ones at Kroger.  Balls! 

Tonight’s show, I’m sure, will be even better, so if you’re in the San Diego area come check out The Matches at The House of Blues.  I’m sad for you if you can’t make it. 

Gotta’ go soak up some more of those California rays!





We found Cavanaugh Park…it’s about as big as my house–which is tiny–with a basketball court and a bench…and a chinky little slide for kids.  But hey, whatever works.  Pictures later my camera’s out of service.



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