Bayside Rules!

Hey Friends!  Posts have been sparse, but fear not.  This week I would like to introduce you to Bayside. 🙂


                                                                      Photo from

Sounds like:

Alkaline Trio, Rise Against, The Gaslight Anthem, Senses Fail, Escape The Fate, or any other punk/rock/emo band with a darker side.


Currently on tour with our friends The Matches, Bayside headlines with more intensity and energy than I’ve seen in a while.  What comes across as raw and somewhat reckless in audio format translates into pure mayhem live…and that’s why they rock!  The simple truth is that this band should be seen live, end of story.  Their ability to move a crowd as one, even during an acoustic break dedicated to late drummer John “Beatz” Holohan, is impressive.  They’re loud, and garish, and in your face, but when front man Anthony Raneri sings about obsession and self-loathing, there’s a vulnerability that’s all too often absent in rock music today.  You’d have to clean them up, but you could bring these boys home to mamma.

The October 22 release of Shudder, the band’s fifth studio release since conception around 2000, is sure to please anyone searching for an ear-full of silky punk riffs, mildly dark subject matter, and incredibly catch-you-off-guard-catchy melodies.  These are the songs you’re going to be humming days later without being able to remember where the melody came from.  “Shudder” has classic Bayside energy and classic Bayside hooks with a more polished sound that best represents what you would hear live, and that’s something a lot of people take for granted these days.  


Since when did it become acceptable for your favorite band to suck live?  Guess it’s been brewing since Britney started lip synching, but the fact of the matter is that when you find a band that’s actually better live than they are in the studio, you’ve struck gold!  

*Tangent II*

Dear random ass kid using the computers in my classroom,

When you have headphones on and you sing, EVERYONE CAN STILL HEAR YOU!!!!


Back to the important stuff…

I’m not exactly sure what the whole Bayside.Is.A.Cult thing is all about because the page won’t load, but I can tell you, based upon the energy of the crowd at both west coast shows, I would say the band is well on their way to having a cult following.  The name may be new to you, but Bayside isn’t going anywhere but up, and because of that it’s a name you need to remember.

Get a full list of tour dates, and band info at


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