Midwest Kings walk the Road to RedGorilla

If you’ve not already met, let me introduce you to POMEROY!




Since the spring of 1999 when they released their first album “Inside the Shine,” Pomeroy has taken the Midwest by storm, crooning fans with their slick pop melodies, grungy hooks, and smooth R&B flare.  The band’s first single “Robo Flow”—a staple on Midwest radio—created quite a buzz around the five-some and ultimately lead to a barrage of inquiries from various majors and indies.  Refusing to squeeze into the mainstream mold, however, Pomeroy decided to take the high road, perfecting their live shows and honing a unique sound that rivals the likes of Maroon 5.


Over the years Pomeroy released two more records, “Cocoon Club” in 2001, and “Blue Note” in 2005.  Both were incredibly well received and instrumental in developing the timeless, reflective quality that can be found on the band’s latest release “A New Reflection.”


Pomeroy says, “This album has become much more than just 11 songs on a CD.  It has become the battle cry behind this bands evolution.  It is the axis around which Pomeroy now spins and has ultimately let to our creative rebirth.  It is fresh, it is different, and it is the best collective work of art we have ever produced.”


It’s quite a bold statement for any band to make, but Pomeroy is ready to back it up, and they’re ready for you to be a witness.  Come out to The Road to RedGorilla showcase for the complete Pomeroy experience, and visit your iTunes music store to download the latest from Pomeroy, “The Beat Goes On.”







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