Pink is the new black!

Pink’s latest CD “Funhouse” graced shelves October 28 after the first single “So What” took the airwaves by storm earlier this fall.  “Funhouse” is an montage of woeful ballads and “I’m so heartbroken” semi-up-tempo pop songs that share the same common thread: the recent divorce of Pink from her husband Carey Heart.  

While the record in it’s entirety doesn’t really compare to Pink’s last release, “I’m Not Dead” there are a few standout tracks present.  Of course there’s the first single “So What” which has had incredible success at radio.  Track two, “Sober” is signature Pink in all it’s glory.  Over perfectly produced pop licks Pink wails, “I’m safe, up high.  Nothing can touch me.  But why do I feel this party’s over.  No pain, inside, you’re my protection.  But how do I feel this good sober.”  I would peg “Sober” for her next single.

Track 7, “Please Don’t Leave Me” is reminiscent of “I’m Not Dead”‘s “Leave Me Alone (I’m Lonely)” another perfectly crafted pop song, and my personal fave “Bad Influence” is flirty and fun with an edgy flare Pink has become known for.  And thanks to fellow friend and producer Butch Walker, “Bad Influence” becomes the frontrunner for her next tempo single, whenever that might be.  

You really feel her pain on this record.  The heartache, and the betrayal and the agony of losing someone you thought you loved, and you thought loved you is so evident in her voice, and it’s because of that emotion the listener is able to connect with the record.  Even though it’s not as strong as “I’m Not Dead,” “Funhouse” has a lot to offer, and should be recognized as another valiant effort by one of Pop’s reigning queens.


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