You may not have caught the CMA Awards last night, and for the most part I’m not sure you were missing much but from the ten or so performances I saw it was a pretty successful show.  Brad Paisley and Keith Urban were dreamy as usual, and when Brad played solo it was one of the few performances I could take seriously.  Taylor Swift was a joke if you ask me.  I love her first record, and I hoped for more…some growth and development over time…especially live, but she did not deliver.  It was plain amateur. At first I thought it might have been the venue, but when Kid Rock delivered a surprisingly solid performance I was convinced she’s just void of live talent.  Go develop your voice and then agree to play a live awards show in front of millions of people…and fire your sound guy cause he isn’t helping you out at all either.  Oh, and if you’re a long-time country music fan you can appreciate George Straight’s performance.  He’s really become a country music icon and I think he deserved to be recognized for his talent and sustainability.  

That was the first half of the night, as far as I’m concerned…even though it was closer to 3/4 over by then.  When it was finally time for some Carrie Underwood I was ready for some real talent, and boy did she deliver.  “Just a Dream” is an intense ballad that requires monumental breath support and control, and I couldn’t think of anyone else…short of Martina McBride, who could pull it off.  I was literally blown away by her performance and it reminded me of why I loved her so much on Idol.  Thank you God for Carrie Underwood!  I love you!!

The last memorable moment of the night was Sugarland’s performance of “Love.”  The song is a true tribute to Jennifer Nettles songwriting talents, and her voice, as always was spot on.  I’m jealous because she’s amazing and I wish I could be just as amazing lol.  But I love her anyways.  It’s a shame more people don’t celebrate her as a solo artist…and I’m not sure why she couldn’t go that direction in the first place because I don’t buy the duo act.  But her voice is amazingly beautiful and the song has an amazing message the doesn’t come across as contrived or cheesy as most country songs tend to these days.  Yay Sugarland!


So I would say the awards were successful for the most part…sans a few audio difficulties.  But lets focus on the good shall we people.

In the mean time go buy the new Sugarland record, and give Carrie’s sophomore effort a second shot cause it grows on you.  I promise.



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