Circus…Three Stars

picture-1                  CIRCUS:  ♦♦♦ ½  


Ok. First of all Britney Spears has been through a lot in the past few years. When she put out Blackout right after her breakdown, the world was just happy to have something musical to associate her with. Then she won all those VMA’s and now we have Circus to talk about. So let’s open the show.
The album runs along the same dance/disco track as Blackout, which is a wonderful departure from the sugary bubblegum pop she established her career with. Standout tracks include “Shattered Glass”–an in-your-face, post-breakup anthem that will no doubt land somewhere on the charts as a future single–“If You Seek Amy”–a clever little ditty that makes absolutely no sense and sounds more like “F.U.C.K. Me”–Circus–the current single–and “Kill The Lights”–a big “fuck you!” to papparazzi. The record is fun, and dancy, and empowering for the most part. The only thing that leaves me wondering is WHERE ARE ALL THOSE OTHER TRACKS?!?! At one point there was a ruckus in the media regarding the difference in track listings on the physical cd vs. the digital iTunes downloads, which is clever in so many ways, but I have a feeling Britney’s fans are going to buy both either way. After comparing both sources after the release date, “Amnesia,” “Quicksand,” and “Rock Boy” were left off the album…both the physical and both iTunes versions! So what gives?! Obviously Britney, herself has little to do with any of this, but who’s running this show that would slot tracks like “Mmm Papi” and “My Baby” instead of “Amnesia” and “Quicksand” especially.
If you were bad like millions of Americans and ripped the songs off when they were leaked, I’m sure you’re wondering the same. The only trick I can see Rudolph and his posse pulling out of their black velvet bags is a re-release of the record becasue of the leak…HOWEVER, most of those songs are still available on your trusty file sharing programs of choice. So take your pick, but know that there are more songs out there, and if you’re at all dissapointed with the songs chosen for the album know that you’re not the only one. Hopefully the Britney-lovin’ population will get the whole story eventually, but based on previous incidents I wouldn’t be surprised if they never surface on a physical record again.

Based upon the above MiscPause gives Circus 3 1/2 diamonds…because wordpress doesnt have stars in the “insert special character” section…and I’m too lazy to copy this shit to word and put some in.


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