Friday! Friday! Friday!

Don’t miss The Features at The Rutledge on Friday night! Showtime will be around 9 so don’t be late and bring a friend because The Features are amazing and everyone should know about them!
If you’re not already familiar with their music The Features have perfected an eclectic brand of quirky pop/indie-rock with a devilish flare. Their latest record, Some Kind of Salvation is a hodgepodge of uniquely crafted originals with blaring horns and clever lyrics. If you’re going to sit and listen to one track I would suggest GMF. The storyline in the lyric is brilliant and should NOT be brushed off as another sly anti-conformist tune. These boys from Sparta, TN know their stuff and they want to share it with you! So come out to The Rutledge on Friday and experience The Features for yourselves. Cream Magazine readers voted them the best rock band in Nashville, and believe me do they deliver. Check their myspace for more info on showtimes and ticket prices.


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