Lilly May Not Know, But I Do

If you’re a fan of Lilly Allen I’m sure you’ve heard the new tracks up on Myspace.  My personal favorite happens to be “I Don’t Know”, a personal stab at the media and celebrity machine that has seemingly consumed the world.  Love her.  I wish more people were less afraid to speak their minds and say what people need to hear.  The unfortunate part, as everyone knows but seldom realizes, is that Lilly is a needle in a haystack of lack luster superficiality.  When was the last time you heard Britney Spears acknowledging her own role in the media frenzy or saw Paris Hilton buming a fag from a homeless guy on the corner. That’s the kind of blatant honesty that catapults a spark into the heavens and allows it to burn bright enough that we no longer call it a spark…but a star.  This is a guarantee you can wish on Lilly Allen.


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