Thinking of Katy Perry

katy-perry-s-mock-tribute-to-the-gays-14975The latest single from singer/songwriter Katy Perry, entitled “Thinking Of You,” is perhaps the biggest breath of fresh air in pop music since Leona Lewis taught us the meaning of “Bleeding Love.” The intensely emotional ballad is one of only two on Perry’s debut album, “One of The Boys,” but showcases her voice perfectly. Those of you who may be a little skeptical about Ms. Perry, take a second to listen to this one before you brush her off as just another one hit wonder. Her voice is undeniable, and while her quirky sense of style and in-your-face songwriting may make Perry seem more like a novelty act, the quick release of her third single, “Thinking Of You” proves Perry is not going anywhere. It may have taken her more than ten years to get to the top of the charts, but if the last six months have been any sign of her future, the best is yet to come.
If you haven’t heard “Thinking Of You” on your favorite Top 40 radio station yet, here’s a guarantee that you’ll be seeing the video in heavy rotation on FUSE and MTV in the very-near future. The very vintage inspired video tells the tale of young love as it is destroyed by the pains of war. Perry sings her heart out as her husband, or lover-the distinction isn’t really there-fights in what seems to be WWI. At the same time, however she entertains a gentleman caller who happens to have escaped the war, and experiences a sort of cognitive dissonance between the two men. I won’t give away the ending, but the video is magnificent, and the vintage flare Perry has become known for fits the songs message perfectly. Check out the preview on iTunes, or our trusty old friend for the full video. AND, for a limited time get Katy Perry’s entire debut Album “One of The Boys” for just $7.99 on iTunes!


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