Yes We Can!!


Kanye West just, “made some noise for our new president Barack Obama” by “singing the No. 1 song in all of America.” Those are the words straight out of his mouth.  While it’s become clear that Kanye’s ego is known for being the center of his performances, there is another message behind tonight’s mediocre performance.

During the commercial break, Pepsi aired a commercial for their classic drink to the tune of The Who’s, “Talking ’bout my generation,” and it made realize how important this election is going to be to my generation.  The theme of the commercial was revolution and pride and purpose, and it was cool to think we’re being associated with those things.  This is our country’s first African-American President!  Everyone keeps saying “this is a new era,” and…maybe I’m just not as familiar with our country’s political history and don’t know but, it seems like the first time in my life young adults have really been involved, and had this large of an impact on such an important decision.  I love that revolution, and change, and pride are a part of our culture, and that all those things are being celebrated through music!  

If you voted for McCain and you’re trying really hard not to navigate away from this screen right now, take a moment to put his politics aside.  Not only is he the first African-American president, but Barack Hussein Obama has also had an incredibly unifying effect on our country.  People are finally coming together to fight for change, fight for each other…and their efforts are paying off.  Be proud that our country can come together.  We could be in African fearing for our lives because our government is falling apart.  

On a side note, MTV is seriously blowing it, and cheasin’ up this whole program…they need some new reporters or “journalists” or “VJ’s” because these kids are blowin’ it.  Everyone seemed really unprepaid and awkward.  They even previewed this commercial that Demi & Ashton were plugging, but the commercial’s picture wasn’t sized for the screen or something, so you could n’t read the words on the scree half the time…if Obama wasn’t the center of this show it would have been pretty unbearable.  

After President Obama greeted the crowd and danced with our new First Lady, he addressed the 7,000 plus people in the crowd.  Surprisingly, the majority of the attendees seemed to be under 20 years old, and showed much more interest in Barack Obama’s speech than what any of the performers or hosts had to say.  One of the highlights of the night was when John Legend sand “Redemption Song.”  It was a great rendition of the Marley classic that suited John’s sultry voice perfectly.  The night ended with more awkward commentary, but was clearly fueled by genuine excitement for the night’s occasion.  Here’s to hoping the next four years are more productive than the last.


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