Grammy Fever


The Grammy Red Carpet was craaazy! Dave Grohl, P. Diddy, Jennifer Hudson, Taylor Swift, Mylie Cyrus, Kate Beckensale, John Mayer, Paula Abdul, Cyndi Lauper, T-Pain, and Samuel L. Jackson all came out to support music and all it’s glory.  (I was 2 inches from Cyndi Lauper!)  I escorted Twista, which was totally sweet and I loved his cologne 😉 Unfortunately, Beyonce never showed her face, and the whole Chris Brown Rhiana scandal only added to the chaos of the night.  KTLA later informed me that the LAPD responded to a report of criminal threats, and when they showed up Rihana was found with visible injuries claiming Brown was the source of her “bruises and bite marks”…lets hope this is some spicy bedroom action gone awry and nothing more.  Brown turned himself in to police last night shortly after canceling his performance at the Grammy’s and posted a $50,000 bail just a few hours later.

Back to the show…

Watching at home was draining, and I can’t believe Robert Plant and Alisson Krausse swept all those categories. They’re the only ones production has had to cut off during their acceptance speech.  On a more positive note, the Jonas Brothers, Stevie Wonder performance was insane, even though brother…(joe?)…Jonas fubbed his words. The Mylie Cyrus/Taylor Swift duet of Swift’s song, “Fifteen,” wasn’t half bad.   Mylie was actually singing well…but it’s all a little too nasally for me. Coldplay rocked the house with a Lost/Viva La Vida medly and took home a golden gramophone as well, and the Justin Timberlake/T.I performance was craaazy!  I loved it!

It almost seems like people are finally realizing that there’s something wrong with the industry…and music itself rigt now.  Pop music is always going to live in the moment, because that’s what its all about.  However, just because we’re living in the moment doesn’t mean we should watch our present politics and economics destroy what so many people have worked so hard to build.  Even though this Grammy telecast was a bit strange with combos like Stevie Wonder and the JoBros, and a very pregnant M.I.A jumping around on stage with nothing more than fishnets on the basis of a great show was there.  I think Samuel L. Jackson’s introduction of Justin and T.I summed up the overall spirit of the night.  His short speech celebrated the collaboration of great musicians across the genres, and urged people to support those unions for their beautiful and innovative results.  Bottom line, there’s no denying the power and magnificence of MOST of the music featured on last nights awards.  Whether you support the Jonas Brothers or not it’s hard to ignore the fact that they’re actually musicians, and they can actually sing.  Whether Mylie Cyrus’ voice gets on your nerves or you can’t stand Lil’ Wayne’s hair there’s no denying their talent, and when talented people get together magic happens.  So support music for it’s beauty not the person performing or the politics of the song.  Maybe then we can have our fabulous, fun, exciting, wonderful Grammy awards back and the Academy can finally be on our side again.


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