Red Carpet Secrets

1. The whole deal starts hours before the actual show…the 2009 Grammy Red Carpet opened at 12:30 pm and the show started at 5:00 pm

2. Big names show up last: There’s a reason the phrase “fashionably late” was coined, and the later the better on the red carpet.  

3. Interview Hell: It’s not just one or two interviews and a quick stop for the photogs.  The Red Carpet boasts over 40 media outlets from around the world, and everyone wants to talk to you!  

4. Media Madness: The Red Carpet is a giant PR orgy!  Publicists, escorts, runners, security, entourages, family, journalists, photographers, volunteers, and talent are all on the carpet at the same time.  That’s more than 3000 people at once.

5. Mounds of Makeup: %90 of the talent on the carpet is %90 makeup.  Caky faces and intense eyelashes are around every corner…even the gentlemen are completely coated!

6. Fake Clappers: Those people you hear screaming their lungs out at the end of the red carpet are seat fillers who volunteered to sit there and yell every time someone finished with photo and exited the carpet.  

7. Not everyone’s famous: there are over 100 categories of Grammy’s awarded each year, but only 10 or so are announced on the live telecast.  Half of the time members of the media are interviewing artists they’re only vaguely familiar with or haven’t heard of at all, and about a third of the talent on the carpet doesn’t do interviews at all because they’re nominated for a lesser known category like “best polka song of the year.” 

8. E! rules the carpet: E! is the only media outlet that had it’s own expanded interview space on the red carpet.  Ryan Seacrest and Juliana Rancic broadcast from the top of the carpet as nominees, presenters, performers, and audience members exited their limos.


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