The Future of Music

Imagine a world where your phone, music, movies, tv, etc., are all-in-one and at your fingertips at all times. Even books are digital, streamed directly to your palm from some server across the country. Music comes to you at all times through a subscription service that allows you to access any song from any artist for a flat monthly fee. Revolutionizing entertainment, and the music industry, more specifically people will no longer have to physically own their favorite records. Just click on a song/record/EP/playlist and it will instantly be available for your enjoyment. You can purchase it all too, just in case you wind up canceling your subscription, and you never have to worry about storing jewel cases, DVD’s, or books because everything is condensed into one device that will probably look a whole lot like the iPhone.
For America it will be a cultural phenomenon. For the music industry, it will be life-changing. With endless amounts of music available 24/7 where will radio be? What will happen to mechanical royalties, and traditional publishing splits? Where will PRO’s end up? In the future of music they could all be phased out. Radio already seems to be the infected tonsil of the biz, slowly losing it’s relevance or purpose in American entertainment. Publishers and PRO’s will have to make the switch to digital to save their shirts; tracking streaming history and digital downloads instead of airplay and CD sales. Perhaps the two will join forces to accurately compensate artists and songwriters. Or will the subscription service providers take care of all that? At this point the possibilities seem endless.
Just something to think about.


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