The World Came Down on AAR


The third major label release from The All-American Rejects, entitled, “The World Comes Down” hit airwaves hard over the last few weeks.  Although the record was released December 16, 2008 the first single, “Gives You Hell” is just recently become a staple on radio and MTV, a departure from the norm nowadays.

“The World Comes Down” is no doubt a slight departure from AAR’s normal repertoire of indie tunes with a grungy edge, but unlike “Move Along” which was pop-ier than the bands first release and played on heavy rotation for more than a year, “Gives You Hell” has yet to dominate radio incessantly and peaked at just #19 on the Adult Alternative charts.

Marginal commercial success aside, “The World Comes Down” is a solid effort, and clear direction for AAR.  Of course the first single, “Gives You Hell” is outstanding–and the break-up anthem of the moment thanks to Clear Channel.  Other standouts include, “I Wanna,” “Damn Girl,” and “Another Heart Calls” featuring The Pierces.  Luckily for AAR, every track on “TWCD” is melodically strong, laced with a killer hook, and incredibly original considering the state of pop music these days.  So give “The World Comes Down” a second shot if you haven’t already given it a first.  It may not be what you expect from AAR, but it’ll grow on you…promise!


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