Gravity Works In Her Favor

Sara Bareilles got a slow start with Love Song, but when it finally blew up there was no stopping her road to total domination. Her sultry, blues-inspired vocals and infectious piano pop has set her apart from the rest of the manufactured pack as a promising talent with potential for longevity.
Her debut album “Little Voice” exploded with the release of “Love Song” and was followed by the sassy “Bottle It Up” (one of my favorites on the record). Now the label has gone with “Gravity” as a third single, a smart choice that will definitely showcase Bareilles’ depth and range, but wasn’t the first pick for a ballad-single.
Don’t get me wrong, the song is amazing and Sara’s voice is even more amazing but I liked to think of “Gravity” as the little gem I could keep to myself and listen to over and over again in the car…without having to share it with the world. Selfish? Yes…but can you blame me? It’s genius.


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