Chris Brown Goes to Court


olsen-twins-news-c53b2ea4683b6793abc7b31e2155b680 is reporting that Chris Brown was indeed charged with 2 felonies–assult and making criminal threats–and will appear in court today, hopefully to receive his punishment.
It’s ridiculous to me that this situation has even happened. My only hope is that people can take a step away from the blinding light of celebrity and realize that these are just regular people who do stupid regular things (not that beating your girlfriend is regular) and pay the regular consequences. Admittedly, Brown’s consequences will no doubt be less than harsh, but we all know what he deserves, and I hope he gets it.
As for Rihana…GIRL, WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU THINKING GETTING BACK WITH HIM? Maybe it hasn’t been confirmed 100% yet, but the second I see you smooching your own attacker I have lost all respect for you…and I’m pretty sure half of America will too…the other half doesn’t count, or is too stupid to have an opinion.
We shall see how this sad little story plays out.
Until then check back for more information of the development of Chris Brown’s trial.


2 thoughts on “Chris Brown Goes to Court

  1. I don’t get Rihana,a stupid boy (N.B boy not Man)hits u & u still go back,what the f*** is wrong with u.U deserve better gal

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