Interview with Dizzy Balloon.


     Consider this your official warning:  There’s a fever spreading in Northern California.  Symptoms include incessant tapping of the toes, and an uncontrollable desire to dance, and there’s only one cure: the incredibly catchy pop/rock from the Piedmont, CA five-piece, Dizzy Balloon.
     With their colorful set designs and quirky use of instruments like the cello and tambourine, Dizzy Balloon is one of the freshest and most original new bands to emerge on the scene in years.  Their positive pop and quirky, beats echo the likes of the Beatles, Beach Boys, and Arctic Monkeys, blending classic melodies and pure energy for an incredibly unique listening experience.
     Friends since childhood, Petros, Jonny, Joey, Raffi, and Louie came together organically, collaborating on smooth melodies, and blending them with influences from everyday tunes as well as old classics.
Drummer, Louie Diller talked about their collaborative process.  “We operate more or less like a communist regime,” said Diller.  Collaboration isn’t always perfect, but the five-piece manages to deliver.  Dizzy Balloon’s sound is a quirky combination of The Beatles’ harmonies, Queen’s strong vocals, and the Arctic Monkeys’ clever beats inspired by some of the greatest bands in the history of music.
     Inspiration comes in many forms for this five-some.  Diller explained the influence to create music comes from virtually anything; from jingles to singles.  Diller even admitted to creating a ballad version of Kings of Leon’s, “Sex On Fire” because he just couldn’t get singer Followill’s vocals out of his head.
     After working hard to create a cohesive body of work, Dizzy Balloon recently released their first self-titled studio album, and is currently sharing their positive pop/rock with the west coast.
     Touring on the record has gone “smoothly” according to Diller, who had trouble coming up with any ridiculous stories from the road.  After taking a moment to think, and survey the rest of the band for ideas, Diller did share that one night after playing a gig with the group Steele Panther, the five friends had “a little too much fun” and wound up in various undisclosed locations the next morning.  If the lightheartedness, and positivity of Dizzy Balloon’s music is any glimpse into the guys’ own personalities, however, the craziness is all in good fun.
     Speaking of fun, as a special stop on the Dizzy Balloon tour, the band will be making an appearance at RedGorilla Music Festival in Austin, TX March 18-22, 2009.  This free festival features bands in virtually every alternative genre, and is the perfect opportunity for Dizzy Balloon to take their unique sound to the next level.
     As for Dizzy Balloon’s future ambitions, a tour with Muse would be amazing because, “they’re cool dude,” said Diller.  Other potential match-ups include Franz Ferdinand, The Killers, and Death Cab For Cutie so make sure to be on the lookout for Dizzy Balloon with your favorite band real soon.
     The road to a successful life as an artist is never an easy one.  It’s hardly glamorous, and it’s certainly not for everyone, but it seems to be the perfect fit for these five Northern Cali boys.  With an impressive freshman album, and a solid dedication to furthering their careers, Dizzy Balloon is more than ready for the world.  The real question is: Is the world ready for Dizzy Balloon?  Only time will tell, but in the meantime let’s all raise a glass to DB.  Cheers!

Get your own copy of Dizzy Balloon’s self-titled release on iTunes today!

For more information of Dizzy Balloon at RedGorilla Music Festival visit the RedGorilla Website, or the RedGorilla Blog.


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