Don’t Miss These Artists At RedGorilla Music Festival Wednesday, March 18th!

Greetings fellow music lovers!  RedGorilla Music Fest is quickly approaching!  We’ll kick things off Wednesday, March 18 at 12 pm, down on 6th St., right in the heart of Austin, TX.  This year’s participating venues include

Darwin’s Pub (223 E. 6th St.)
The Chuggin’ Monkey (219 E. 6th St.)
The Thirsty Nickel (325 E. 6th St.)
Dizzy Rooster (306 E. 6th St.)
Touche (417 E. 6th St.)
Nuno’s Upstairs (422 E. 6th St.)
Nuno’s Downstairs (422 E. 6th St.)
The Vintage Lounge ( 504B Trinity)
The Blind Pig (317 E. 6th St.)
The Marq (422 Congress)
Paradise-Upstairs (401 E. 6th St.).

There are hundreds of artists playing the festival this year, and we know it’s not always easy to decide where you’ll spend your time, so all this week we will be spotlighting several bands from each of our 11 venues in order to help you make a more informed decision.

Let’s start our little countdown with Wednesday’s lineup:
(This is not the full line-up, just a few we thought you might like to check out)

1:00 pm At 1 pm you can catch Throwing Color, an awesome new band from Berkley Heights, New Jersey.  This  band rocks!  Throwing Color’s sound is solid, pop-rock/indie with heavy beats and huge vocals, and their live show is full of energy so don’t miss it!

1:00 pm Maggie McClure will be playing at The Vintage Lounge at 1:00pm.  Her sweet vocals and pure melodies are like a sugary version of Sara Bareilles, and her tunes have already been placed MTV’s The Hills, and The City.  Go to to preview her music today.

2:30 pm ∆ At Darwin’s Pub you can catch singer/songwriter Aimee Allen’s sultry pop/rock set at 2:30pm.  Her sweet and sassy voice is a combination of Gwen Stefani and Amy Winehouse with a hefty dose of attitude.  For a preview of Aimee’s bubbly sound visit or pick up her single “Vacation Song” on iTunes today.

3:00 pm Over at the Dizzy Rooster you can catch acoustic crooner Steve Moakler.  Moakler’s unique brand of pop/rock sounds like Jason Mraz, or Justin Timberlake with a guitar.  His voice is clear and soothing, and his lyrical prowess goes beyond his years.  Preview Steve’s EP “The Weight Of Words” on iTunes today.

3:00 pm    Josh Roberts has the kind of voice that oozes emotion.  Coupled with gorgeous melodies and a soft acoustic guitar, Josh is the whole pop/rock package.  Don’t miss Josh at 3:00 pm at Touche.

4:00 pm Special Guest**

4:00 pm If you’re looking for a peaceful escape from the rest of the world join Adam Stern at Touche for an acoustic tribute to the high life.  With songs like “Peace Pipe Possible” and lyrics about chillin’ on the beach smokin’ the “California bomb” Adam’s set promises to be a worry-free zone where hippies and hipsters alike can find a home.

4:00 pm The Secret State plays Nuno’s Upstairs at 4:00 pm.  This Jacksonville Beach band brings the heat of South Florida to Austin with their heavy guitar-driven rock that’s surprisingly catchy.  Secret State sounds like a combination of Matchbook Romance’s heavy rock edge, and Third Eye Blind’s strong vocal.  If you like Papa Roach, As I Lay Dying, AFI, or Matchbook Romance you’ll love Secret State.

4:00 pm Brother Magnum serves up a heaping plate of Austin’s best in Blues at Nuno’s Downstairs.  Sweet bluesy guitars, big, thick vocals and funky grooves will rock the house as Brother Magnum shows us all how they get down, Austin, TX style.

5:00 pm Kurt Reifler brings back the funk at Nuno’s Upstairs, with a sexy vocal and smooth groove.  This bluesy child of rock n’ roll sounds like the musical soul child of Lenny Kravitz and Prince and is the perfect way to kick off the night.

6:00 pm Special Guest **

6:00 pm ∆ Brent Shuttleworth will be at The Vintage Lounge at 6:00 pm.  His smooth brand of country-inspired rock is soothing and emotional—you can feel the longing in his voice.  If you’re looking for a spot to chill and listen to some great music you’d better be at The Vintage Lounge at 6:00 pm.

7:00 pm At the Thirsty Nickel the night starts off strong with Astellaway at 7:30.  Astellaway puts on a solid show that’s fun, and energetic.  Their sound is like a nutty little cookie with crusty edge that’s surprisingly sweet and really fun to eat…only you don’t eat it, you listen to it 😉 .  If you like Paramore, Flyleaf, or old-school No Doubt, you’ll love Astellaway.  Preview tunes on their Myspace, or purchase on iTunes.

7:00 pm Don’t miss Bank at The Vintage Lounge.  Quirky vocals and fun little toe-taping beats are the heart of Bank’s sound.  They represent the best of today’s indie-rock with an innocent 80’s flare.  If you love MGMT, of Vampire Weekend you will love Bank.

7:00 pm ∆ Straight from Portland, OR, Jon Davidson has a sort of Daughtry meets Metalica thing going on.  His voice is sultry and full of attitude, but his melodies are clean and simple.  Jon has a definite heavy metal edge, and a powerful energy on stage.  Don’t miss his set at Touche Wednesday night.

8:00 pm Brave Citizens will be at Nuno’s Upstairs at 8:00 pm.  This foursome has a fun, Bon-Jovi-meets-the-Killers sound with a heavy 80’s influence.  There’s nothing glam-rock about it though.  Brave Citizens are pure indie-rock and they’re here to please people, so don’t miss their set at Nuno’s Upstairs Wednesday night.

9:00 pm Special Guest**

9:00 pm The Class War will rock the Dizzy Rooster Wednesday night at 9:00 pm.  Their in-your-face rock n’ roll is full of personality and attitude, echoing the like of Kings of Leon and The White Stripes.  The Class War’s live shows are supposed to be sick so don’t miss this one!

10:00 pm If you’re looking for a more progressive-rock sound to bump to, USS will be at The Chuggin’ Monkey at 10 pm.  Do NOT miss this show!  USS sounds like Nirvana with a DJ, and their music screams energy.  I wouldn’t be surprised if a rave breaks out during their set.  It’s just that much fun!

11:00 pm The Epilogues will be on hand to rock the Thirsty Nickel with their techno-inspired indie-rock.  The Epilogues sound like The Bravery meets The Fray, but with an in-your-face sound that nothing short of impressive live.  Don’t Miss The Epilogues Wednesday night at The Chuggin’ Monkey.

11:00 pm Deejer, at Nuno’s Upstairs, sounds like Disturbed meets Daughtry.  They’re rockin’, with heavy intricate guitar licks and an energy that will have you head banging right along with the band.  Deejer play at 11:00 pm so don’t miss them!

11:30 pm At The Thirsty Nickel, Danger Is My Middle Name will take the stage at 11:30.  This band is what’s missing from punk/pop music today!  They’re Boys Like Girls only better and they’re going to bring down the house.  If you love insanely catchy power-pop with an alternative edge, make Danger your middle name Wednesday night at 11:30.

12:00 am Special Guest** at Nuno’s Upstairs

12:00 am Special Guest** at Nuno’s Downstairs

12:30 am Rounding out the night at Darwin’s Pub will be a good ole’ southern rock band from Stillwater, Oklahoma.  Ironically, Taddy Porter echoes the likes of the fictional rock band, Stillwater, whose career was the focus of box-office smash Almost Famous.  Taddy Porter is sure to rock the house with their infectious brand of classic/southern rock, so if you’re looking for a late-night party spot, don’t miss Taddy Porter at Darwin’s Pub Wednesday night.

12:30 am Finally at 12:30 Brightwood rocks the house with their funky beats and catchy melodies.  This young band from Portland knows how to rock so check it out.  For a preview, visit their Myspace or get the new LP “Wake,” available on iTunes now.

**Special guests could be announced at any time, so check back often to see who we reveal next!
∆ This artist plays more than once throughout the festival.


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