Wednesday at RedGorilla

Alright, so we had some technical difficulties that prevented me from posting live today. (Don’t worry it’ll all be worked out tomorrow) If you got a chance to stop by the Blind Pig tonight you heard the smooth musical styling’s of The Rocketboys, and the pure classic rock that is The Effects.

I got the chance to catch the tail end of The Rocketboys’ set, which was pure indie-rock with a shiny pop-edged blade and a propensity towards intricate lyrics. The last few songs were really great, and everyone in the audience was totally vibin’ on it.

Forty minutes later when The Effects took the stage, the atmosphere of the entire venue switched gears, and everyone rocked out HARD. If you’re not already familiar with The Effects, or if you’ve heard any of their recordings on MySpace the only thing I can tell you is to check out a live show of theirs. Unfortunately, the music they have up on the Web right now does not do them justice at all. The Effects know how to bring classic rock back to the present, and the do it so effortlessly, I found myself wishing I could jump up on stage and rock out with them. Without a doubt, the rest of the audience would completely back me up on this. There were at least 20 people standing up front dancing like the drunken fools I’m sure they were, and the energy these boys projected was being quickly absorbed and then re-emitted by everyone in the house tonight.

Being that this is my first RedGorilla experience, I really don’t have anything to compare it to, but let me just say that this was one of the best days of music I’ve experienced in a long time. Thank you RedGorilla for introducing me to Austin the right way!


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