New artist spotlight: LIGHTS


Honest, simple pop driven by synthesizers and one girl’s passion for creativity. This is LIGHTS in a nutshell. The Canadian MySpace star began making beats in her bedroom and combining them with quirky melodies that came to her organically. She combined the best of Automatic LoveLetter’s emotional lyrics and beautifully imperfect voice with Death Cab For Cutie’s synth accents and creeping rhythms. After months in “the lab” as she likes to call it, LIGHTS has emerged with a new EP of the same name.

The four-song masterpiece is exactly what the pop scene needs right now. It’s part Lilly Allen’s sarcasm, part Automatic LoveLetter’s emo tendencies, and part Madonna’s dance grooves, full of personality and likability. The lyrics are simple and the melodies are pure, showcasing a voice that would fail to shine as bright in other genres. LIGHTS even admitted that her voice is not the center of her music in an interview with John Norris during SXSW last week. She explained how her songwriting, producing and performance skills are much more important to her, and she’s not trying to be the next powerhouse vocalist, but instead is simply attempting to share her music with anyone who will listen.

LIGHTS describes her sound as a comic book of simple outlines and bright colors, “on first glance there is a nice composition, but upon closer inspection there is a deeper story.” ( The fact of the matter is, simple or not, her songs are catchy, relate-able and super fun. If you don’t have a sudden urge to dance around after listening to her first single, “Ice” you might want to get your pulse checked.

Check it out on LIGHTS’ MySpace here.


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