Manchester Orchestra’s new CD Mean Everything to Nothing.

Manchester Orchestra, Mean Everything to Nothing
April 21 marked the release of the second LP from Atlanta, Georgia rockers Manchester Orchestra. After four previous releases, Mean Everything to Nothing is a breath of fresh indie-rock air thanks much in part to producer Joe Chiccarelli (The Shins, The Raconteurs, My Morning Jacket).
In place of their usual brand of indie-pop, Manchester Orchestra has compiled a cohesive collection of tunes that echo the likes of Nirvana and Weezer. There’s a new grunge twist on Nothing unlike any of the band’s previous releases. It’s the perfect addition to the Manchester Orchestra catalog, and has the potential to be the band’s most commercial success. The Boston Globe talked about the album’s strong points saying,

“[Mean Everything to Nothing] like a sonic form of whiplash: lullaby-like intros progress into fist-pumping choruses, pensive piano arrangements are followed by gritty guitar riffs, and frontman Andy Hull’s vocals shift from folksy Conor Oberst-like warbling on power ballads (“I Can Feel a Hot One”) to breathless emo-wailing on anthems like “I’ve Got Friends.”

There’s really nothing to criticize about Nothing. The substance is there, more so, even than the majority of TOP 40 releases dominating the radio. The growth that’s evident on Nothing, successfully bridges the gap between Manchester Orchestra’s early years, and the bright future they are sure to have thanks to the transformation. Bottom line, Mean Nothing to Everything is what indie-rock should sound like today so have a listen. You can even preview tracks on Manchester Orchestra’s MySpace here.


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