Perez Hilton’s outbursts

Perez Hilton had a little beef to pick with someone today.  Apparently the Black Eyed Pea’s manager punched him in the face as payback for some comments the self-proclaimed media queen made earlier this month.  Last night’s encounter lead Perez to post this video on his site.  Listed simply as “My Statement” the video is more than 11 minutes of Perez describing the incident as it played out.  He played the sympathy card, saying, “violence is never the answer!” and emphasizing the fact the he is a “human being.”  The footage is very heated, and Perez even sheds tears towards the end, screaming, “FUCK YOU Will.I.Am!” and calling Fergie “fugly” yet again.

Check out the fight caught on tape, courtesy of here.

The whole thing seems utterly ridiculous to me, especially when Perez calls Will.I.Am a “faggot” repeatedly for the sole purpose of getting him riled up.  Coming from Mr. Gay rights…little drastic huh?

I really don’t know what Perez expects from people he bashes, i mean…he’s gotta know he’s pissing people off, and sure he’s free to write whatever he wants, but he’s absolutely NO different from any other paparazzo who gets punched in the face for crossing the line one too many times.  News flash Perez!  Just because you hang out with these people, and they pretend to be your friends so you don’t trash them on your website doesn’t actually mean that you’re friends!  You’re just like every other skanky media outlet that banks on other people’s drama.  If I were Will.I.Am i’d say, let’s call it even.  Hopefully you’ll learn your lesson and bring you inflated head back down to earth where it unfortunately belongs.


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