Hello World! Check out Northern Parad0x.

If you’re looking for a break from the monotony of Top 40 radio check out our friends Northern Parad0x.  These guys sent over their bio this afternoon, and I knew I had to post it immediately.  So, read on and check out the band’s Myspace at http://www.myspace.com/northernparad0x.  And check back for a review of Northern Parad0x’s new EP Love Bites coming soon.

Northern Parad0x

A cacophony of ear candy and meaty melodies. An intangible, artistic rainbow of influences with a distinctly indistinct sound. this is how northern paradox can be described. Northern Paradox is audio art, progressive and energetic. each musician of this austin trio comes from a vastly different musical background including intense ambient punk, folk, blues and quirky indie rock.

Northern Parad0x began in 2005 when Casey and Kelly initiated a conservation between their guitars one drunken night in a dark basement that would become the laboratory for their twisted musical experiments. In 2007, the two married and eventually relocated to Austin, TX to begin the roller coaster they hoped someday to call a career. with their new drummer “The Vulture” on board the dream is becoming a reality.

Northern Parad0x released their EP in 2008 titled Love Bites and is now scanning the horizon of Austin’s local music scene with the ultimate goal of taking the show on the road.

for more information and to listen to tracks off the new EP visit www.myspace.com/northernparad0x (the last o in paradox is actually a zero)

For booking information contact:

Kelly Macniven at (970) 946-7279 kcheaven5@yahoo.com

Casey Macniven at (631) 275-5532 evokenflow@yahoo.com


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