Did I just imagine this or did CMT really just combine Taylor Swift and Def Leopard for an episode of Croassroads?!  I’ll admit I only saw this unlikely duo sing one song (“Pour Some Sugar On Me”) before the show ended, but God was it awkward.  I love me some T. Swift, in heavy doses sometimes, but watching the performance, the whole thing felt contrived and foolish.  “Pour Some Sugar On Me” is such a huge arena-rock anthem being sung by these burly older men..and then there’s cute little Taylor bouncing around in a shiny gold dress.  All her vocals were completely buried by the guitar solos they clashed with and the way she danced around and tried to shake her ass was uncomfortable to watch.  I felt like Def Leopard fans everywhere were all rolling their eyes…and I felt embarrassed for her… so I changed the channel.

Ten minutes later I landed bank on CMT, and there was Taylor premiering her video for the new single “Mine.”  This whole charade made me want to up-chuck my steak dinner.  Sure the video was cute but it’s all starting to sound the same.  And what’s with the chees-tastick host and the awkward story-telling.  I guess that’s what sells records?

Watch for yourself here :


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