What’s going on?!

It’s Friday.  I just landed a new job at an amazing company doing exactly what I love–listening to music!  I should be out celebrating…but here I sit, watching the Big C, because I’ve exhausted my Ti-Vo options, and drinking cocktails while I scarf Big Mamas & Papas pizza (with olives)–which is actually good!

It’s strange how the knowledge of change changes you. It’s like, just knowing that I don’t have to go back to my old job makes me more hopeful that tomorrow will be an awesome day, and that this new job will be inspiring, and creative, and motivating, and fun!

The best part about this new job is that it will afford me the time to sit and do nothing but listen to music all day!  I can’t wait to start and just knowing that I don’t have to go back to my old job lifts a surprisingly restrictive weight off my shoulders.  I feel like singing and writing and immersing myself in wonderful things!

I’ll admit I haven’t been consistent with updates lately…or for a very long while, but in a way I haven’t felt the need.  I’ve been seriously stifled by my latest choice of employment.  (No breaks, a crazy boss, and utter resentment will do that to you.)  However, my time away hasn’t been completely without musical inspiration.  There have been a few new releases I’ve explored thoroughly, several old favorites I’ve revisited, and a couple unsuspected gems that have so far titillated my  audiological senses.

My goal over the next few months is to take this little blog to the masses as quickly as possible because there are great things going on here in L.A.  We’re making great music and I want to share that music with all of you.  So make sure you check in often and tell your friends.  There will be a new name coming soon, along with a new look and of course a slew of new content so keep your eyes peeled.



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