Recap: Picture Me Broken at The Roxy.


I had a chance to see Bay Area screamo band Picture Me Broken Saturday night and to my surprise they were quite excellent.  After listening to their latest full-length record, Wide Awake I was intrigued by front-woman Brooklyn’s booming vocals and was very interested to see what she could do live.   As we all know, the likelihood of a singer delivering a studio quality performance live is slim these days, but without fail Brooklyn and her boys rocked every song.   Their set was short, only about 30 minutes, but PMB still managed to get everyone up and moving to their gothic groove.  The five-piece was incredibly tight and polished on stage, and Brooklyn absolutely killed every song with, what I thought was an even better performance than is captured on Wide Awake.  She hit every single note with precision and a resonating energy that permeated the room, switching effortlessly from her piercingly beautiful singing voice to the bone chilling scream that has become such a signature for PMB.  Fans were singing along at the top of their lungs and I even caught a few parents in the back nodding along.  Of course their set was mostly made up of tunes from Wide Awake.  Standouts included the dark and twisted, “Skin and Bones” as well as “Darwin’s Song” and the clear fan favorite (and would-be single) “Dearest (I’m So Sorry)” closed the show with attitude.  If you missed the show Saturday you should be ashamed.  Picture Me Broken is one of the best live bands I’ve seen in long while.  Their energy is intense and their collective talent on stage is impressive.  Check out Wide Awake on iTunes and look for PMB touring in your neck of the woods soon.


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