Deep cuts of the day.

I love the magic of “shuffle”.  We cram our iPods full of thousands of songs, many we never hear more than once or twice, but click “Shuffle Songs” on your mp3 device and your entire library becomes a game of roulette–genius!

Driving (or should I say creeping) home last night I heard songs I hadn’t thought about in years and immediately I associated them with feelings and experiences that hadn’t crossed my mind in just as long.  The magic of shuffle is the ability to transcend your current reality and relive times you never intended to forget. 

If any of this rings true with you, check out AudioIV’s newest segment “Deep Cuts of the Day”, and re-discover–or fall in love for the first time–with tracks that were born to stand out in the shuffle.  Coming to you daily as of 10.27.10.  Enjoy!

Deep Cuts of the Day 10.27.10

1.  “Raw Sugar”–Metric. 

Straight from Canada, indie rockers Metric released “Raw Sugar” on their third full-length album Grow Up And Blow Away back in 2007.  Their usual blend of quirky female vocals, and insightful lyrics is exactly what defines this track.  With a chorus that sings, “Raw sugar/I don’t want to die living in a high rise grave” and phrases like, “Still I wear the red dress, Paint my toes and twirl/Take it back to old times,when I was still a girl” this little tune is seemingly about living in a modern world and wishing for an unrefined jem to bring you back to your roots. 

2.  “Foundation’s Cracked”–The Features

The Features may not be a household name yet, but they’re aiming high.  Currently touring sround the south to promote their record Some Kind of Salvation, the Nashville-based quartet has been featured on SIRIUS/XM’s Alt-Nation, as well as and recently signed to Kings of Leon and Bug Music’s new label 429.  Thanks the collaboration, The Features are ready to get your toes tapping with their eclectic brand of psychedelic indie rock.  “Foundation’s Cracked” is a perfect example of their signature juxtaposition of grit and beauty and is the perfect introduction for new listeners.  See for yourself here.

3.  “Paralyzed”–The Used

Over the last ten years, The Used has become known for energetic performances, blood curtling screams and a down right dirty image.  Their repretoire spans the ins and outs of pop/punk/screamo/indie/alternative rock and “Paralyzed” is a wonderful representation of their many facets.  The lyrics and melody pack a punch of attitude while heavy guitars and pounding drums punctuate front man Bert McCraken’s signature vocals.  If you’re looking for a toe-tapper that will get your blood pumping check out “Paralyzed” here.

4.  “Every Word I Say”–Hanson

Whatever you do, DON’T think “Mmm Bop” when you go to check out this track.  It’s not about sugary pop anymore with these brother, and “Every Word I Say” is the perfect way to re-discover a band that was never really given a chance to shine.  This soulful piano rock anthem is a tribute to love in all the right ways and should be enjoyed in the car with a heavy dose of air-druming.  If you’re really in the mood for discovery check out the live version of the song on iTunes, or here  on  Then make sure to tell your friends it’s no longer cool to hate Hanson.


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