CASXIO funk up the SoHo House.

Looking for a little funky indie-pop to jam to this weekend?  Pick up Los Angeles quartet CASXIO’s latest release Friends Vs. Lovers on iTunes and consider yourself well equipped for any social situation.

I had a chance to see CASXIO last night at the SoHo House in Hollywood, and believe you me, I was impressed.  This band has created a soulful, energetic sound rooted in funk and ready to explode in your eardrums.  Even though they played a short set, there wasn’t a dull moment, and everyone in the house was moving to the groove.

CASXIO started out strong with their first single, “Seventeen”, boasting quirky melodies and dance-evoking hooks.  This song sounds a lot like what’s already out there in the Indie-pop world right now, but there’s a distinctive disco/funk element that allows it to stand out from the crowd.  After starting things off right with “Seventeen” the band went straight into a grit-drenched cover of Sinead O’Connor’s “Nothing Compares 2 U” which, admittedly, slowed things down a bit, but was incredible.  All the softness of the original was replaced with singer Lucas Guerin’s personal brand of emotion, which really got the crowd into the tune.  The best part was, even though the song was slow it still had a major groove, which is something CASXIO obviously has a knack for.  Thankfully, the set was closed with an original tune which I’m assuming is called, “Where Were You”.  Although this one doesn’t appear on the record, it was the perfect way to end the night, and CASXIO really pulled out all the stops to deliver.  Lucas and guitarist Eric Saez performed a little  subtle choreography and belted out more attitude than even the SoHo House could handle.

If you haven’t seen CASXIO yet, or you haven’t even hear of them, consider this your formal introduction.  This is a band you HAVE to see live to appreciate–once you know CASXIO you know what’s up.


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