Deep Cuts of the Day: Candy for your ears.

It’s Friday!  I’m sure there’s a pile of work that needs to be done, but who said you can’t enjoy a little music while you do it?  This edition of DCOTD is special not only because these songs are some of my favorites, but also because it just so happened that they played in the exact order listed below on my way to work this morning.  I couldn’t have asked for a better way to wrap up the week and prep for the weekend.  Take a listen to some early Halloween ear candy and AudioIV will have a fresh round of DCOTD again on Monday.

1.  “Knocked Up”–Kings of Leon.

Kings of Alternative rock at the moment, Nashville natives Kings of Leon featured “Knocked Up” on their 2007 release Because of the Times.  The title says it all.  “Knocked Up” is a reverb-laden story of two dysfunctional lovers with a bun in the oven.  There’s the usual twisting melodies the Kings have become known for, and a little more raw emotion that new fans may be familiar with.  Nonetheless, this song has a tendency to resonate with you. Check out the Kings doing this one live at Lalapalooza:

2. “Elements”–A Fine Frenzy

A definite departure from the grit of Alternative rock, A Fine Frenzy’s “Elements” is delicate and emotional.  Singer Sudol’s soft, yet piercing voice executes the song’s tortured melody flawlessly as it ebbs and swells over a sea of love lost, white capped with heartache.  It may be a little heavy for a Friday morning, but “Elements” is a great cool down piece, and a wonderful way to discover A Fine Frenzy. 

3.  “Two Sisters In Love”–The Dig

You probably haven’t heard of The Dig, but that’s only because they are one of the best kept secrets in Alt-rock.  Hailing from New York, this young band melds gritty vocals, catchy melodies and moving arrangements to create some one of the freshest sounds on the scene today.  “Two Sisters In Love” starts off with a pretty chill verse that opens up at the hook and then takes you on a spacey ride through the band’s collective subconscious.  Appropriately, the song builds like tension between feuding siblings, and leaves you with the lyrics, “they were just two sisters in love.”  Here the whole song on the band’s MySpace here.

4. “I Can Barely Breathe”–Manchester Orchestra

Admittedly not one of the deepest cuts, “I Can Barely Breathe” was a single off the band’s first official release, Like A Virgin Losing A Child.  As singles go this one isn’t so obvious from the song’s start, but as the band progresses through verses and finally lands on the hook, “cause when I fly solo/I fly so high,” MO has already sunk it’s teeth in so deep, “I Can Barely Breathe” is hard to shake.  Enjoy this tune without expectations and you may just have a new favorite band on your hands.


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