Artist Spotlight: Ryan Innes

Soulful singer/songwriter Ryan Innes is one to watch. Hailing from the tiny town of Orem, Utah, Ryan has described himself as “fat and sassy”.  The pop crooner has more raw talent than the majority of Top 40 radio combined.  His seemingly effortless, smooth as silk vocals will caress your ears with a savory passion, and his sweet melodies will burrow into your memory like a musical tape worm…in a good way I swear!

  Ryan’s latest self-titled EP comes complete with a cover of “Georgia On My Mind” as well as Amos Lee’s “Colors” and highlights what he is best known for–his soulful, honest vocals.  The clear standout on the record is a little ditty called, “A Call to Arms”.  It’s sexy, catchy, and full of raw emotion, as every song about love should be.  Stream “A Call to Arms” and the rest of the EP on Ryan’s MySpace here, and remember his name.  Soon you’ll be able to say, “I remember that guy before he was famous!” 😉


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