Femme Fatale Leaks!

It’s old news by now, but Britney Spears’ latest LP, Femme Fatale leaked in the early hours of the morning, a full two weeks before it was scheduled to drop.

While a few tracks from the deluxe version have remained under wraps, the rest of the 12 tracks from the standard US version are all streaming, and available for download on Youtube, blogs and entertainment websites everywhere.

Of course I couldn’t help but snag a copy for myself, and as promised, it’s nothing short of spectacular!  (Don’t worry Brit Brit I’ll be purchasing the deluxe edition as soon as possible.)  Following the same electronic/dance vein as her sixth full-lenth, Blackout, Femme Fatale is hook-heavy, strictly pop, and surprisingly reigned in.   Tracks like “How I Roll” and “Criminal” are stripped down, focused, and devoid of heavy synths, while stunners like “Big Fat Bass” ft. Wil.I.Am, and “Inside Out” follow in the  harder dub-step footsteps of Spears’ recent single “Hold It Against Me”.

Only time will tell how Femme Fatale is received by the public, but as far as Audio I.V.  is concerned this record is a WIN!  It’s everything you loved about Blackout, and everything you were denied by Circus. In fact, I would consider it a follow-up to all the tracks that didn’t make it onto Circus, like “Trouble”, “Quicksand”, and “Amnesia” (which you can find below) but with a fresher, dancier vibe.




Bottom line…This is Britney at her best, and I can’t wait to see what she does with the tour to follow.  As for now, check out our picks below and enjoy!

-“Inside Out”   

-“How I Roll” 

-“Trip to Your Heart”  



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