After more than two years of constant touring, writing, and a hefty block of recording at The Blasting Room in Colorado, Chicago natives, Rise Against are back with their usual high-energy, politically-driven punk rock in the form of ENDGAME.

Their fourth full-length in a long line of studio releases, ENDGAME is a lot of the same for Rise Against, but at a point where most bands struggle to re-invent themselves RA channels early material (circa Revolutions per Minute) for inspiration and direction, while holding tight to the pulsating pop thread that helped make their last release, Appeal to Reason, such a success.

For all intents and purposes, ENDGAME is a masterpiece.  The record progresses organically from one track to the next, teasing listeners with melody and then punching them in the gut with crunchy guitars and shredded licks.  Tracks like, “Satellite” and “Midnight Hands” stand out against obvious singles like “Architects” and “Help is on the Way” thanks to heavy arrangements, strategic tempo changes and Tim’s signature vocals.  Things get political on “Survivor Guilt”–a predictable, yet respectable nod to our Troops overseas and veterans at home–and “This is Letting Go” hooks hard with a super melodic chorus, and an oddly familiar vibe (think “Give it All”).

Luckily, where Appeal to Reason failed to keep your attention, ENGDAME won’t let it go.  In short it’s everything you loved about the last 10 years of RA crammed into one record.  Big singles mix happily with soon-to-be fan favorites, and deep cuts like “Lanterns” serve as the perfect cliff-hanger for things to come.

It may have seemed like a lifetime of waiting, but ENGAME is here, and it’s fantastic.  Pick up your copy today wherever you buy music, and pass is on!



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