Love.It (Lovett)

Not that this band NEEDS me to push their music…founder and namesake Ben Lovett has to be well connected.  After all, he’s produced records for Audio I.V. faves Hot Water Music and Heartbeats, AND written over 12 film scores in the past few years. As the singer and songwriter for what he calls a ‘traveling circus’ of musicians, Lovett has created a sinister stew of indie-folk/rock with the band’s debut LP, Highway Collection.

From the record’s opening “Woo!” of “The Fear”, Lovett takes you on a journey to a simpler time, where melodies whirl around you like a warm summer wind, and genre lines blur into the hot hot heat of sun-baked asphalt.  Start to finish, Highway Collection screams “Road trip!”  Channeling folk-rock legends like Dylan, Petty, and Browne, each song is infused with sincerity, a subtle grit, and signature ease most bands struggle to capture to tape.

Standouts include would-be-single, “Heartattack”, the quirky, “Same Old Song” and closer, “Ghost of Old Highways”.  New listeners should also check out the Steam Punk video for “Eye of the Storm” which features an extended cut of the song, and some pretty amazing green screen work.  (see below)

After a pretty solid debut at this year’s SXSW festival, it shouldn’t be long before Lovett is making splash nationally.  This is a record everyone should listen to at least once, but I’m warning you now, once you hit the gas on Highway Collection, there’s no turning back.


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