Pure breeds are a thing of the past. Mutts are here to say.


In all my years of working with independent artists, I have never been as impressed with a band as I am with Mutts.  A Chicago-based four-piece, Mutts packs a hard rock punch that’s laced with blues and un-apologetically teeters on the border of insanity.  As a whole they’re incredibly talented, passionate, and business savvy.  With a lead singer who also acts as manager, and years of collective experience as hired guns, as well as active side projects, Mutts is ready to make waves in the world of rock music.

Since their conception in 2009, Mutts has self-released 3 EP’s, played a countless number of shows in and around the Chicago area, and received glowing reviews from dozens of publications.  Known for their intensity, the four brothers-in-music have created a recording and performance style that’s just as polished as it is off-the-cuff.

Singer Mike Maimone explained how organic a recording session can be, saying:

“Our EPs sound the way they do because we just had a few days to arrange and track all of our songs.  There [wasn’t] time to over-think the music [and] in the sense that it helps keep our tunes honest and spontaneous.”

Considering a fully-funded major label EP can take months to be “finished”, it’s a wonder these guys have anything at all to package and sell.  Nonetheless, the spontaneity of the recording process is no doubt what helps this foursome convey the pure energy and passion the band has managed to capture to tape.

For the maximum Mutts listening experience check out their latest EP, The Tells of Parallels here, and name your own price if you like it.  (If you don’t think it’s worth your dollars, you’re deaf.)  The EP’s single, and Audio I.V. favorite is “Junior”, an in-your-face, perfectly punctuated tune about following in the footsteps of your creator.  Another stand out is “Symmetry”, grittier than most and full of that signature Mutts energy.

What the future holds for Mutts, only time will tell.  There is no denying, however, that these Chicago-natives are well on their way.  It will be a hard road paved with would-be saviors, guaranteed disappointments, and a ton of whiskey, but Mutts have what it takes so stay tuned. If you’re in the chicago area you can catch the band at their upcoming ‘unplugged show’ at 2105 S. State St. Chicago, IL 60616.  Doors open at 6pm and it’s free for 21+.

In the meantime, visit MuttsMusic.com to download any of their EP’s and check out the video blog they’ve got going on, there are some pretty cool behind-the-scenes features you’ll love!

Happy Listening!


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