The Elected’s, Mike Bloom makes a solo record.

He’s played for Rilo Kiley, Jenny Lewis, The Elected and others, but now guitarist Mike Bloom is ready to make waves as a solo artist via the debut of his first full-length, King of Circles. Written, performed, and mixed by Mike himself (with a few co-production exceptions) King of Circles is smooth, warm, and subtly affectionate.

Songs like “Floataway Sinner” where a scornful woman exacts revenge on her helpless victim, and “Butcher Paper”, an evocative love song with descriptive lyrics, paint vivid, emotional pictures while maintaining a certain familiarity fans of The Elected will undoubtedly recognize.

The first single from King of Circles is the acoustically driven “Anything But This”, which starts unassumingly and gradually blossoms into a bittersweet story of two lovers who just can’t seem to get on the same proverbial page.  The melody is sweet, and as acoustic pop/rock tunes go, this one is more infectious than mediocre.

Check out the video for “Anything But This” below, and scope out Mike’s MySpace for more info on shows and upcoming releases.


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