Tune into Breakthruradio.com!

A few weeks ago I was contacted to be a part of ‘The Anatomy of a Blogger’ on BreakThruRadio.com.  Having never heard of the online station I set out to investigate with curiosity, and bit of suspicion.  We’ve all heard of Slacker, AOL radio, last.fm, and GrooveShark, and that’s what I expected to find at BTR.  However, instead of a rotating playlist of music on constant repeat, or a major corporation’s attempt to match you with ‘similar’ artists, BreakThruRadio is old-school, like a top-notch college station on crack. It’s DJ-centric with more than 50 different programs to chose from, spanning every genre you could ever imagine.

Reading about BTR, their motto “Radio rediscovered”, really resonated with me.  THIS IS WHAT RADIO SHOULD BE PEOPLE!  Every show is stream-able with a few mouse clicks, the sound quality is great, there are special ‘in studio’ events and performances to explore, and each DJ has a unique and valid view of the music their spinning.  IT’S GREAT, and it’s so easy to enjoy!

When I started writing this post, I surfed on over to Breakthruradio.com, and within seconds, was tunned into DJ Jazz’s Get Into the Van. There’s no signing up, or surrendering your e-mail address, and I was happily surprised by the quality of content.  DJ Jazz interviewed an Irish singer/songwriter by the name of Steafan Hanvey and discussed his work in depth.  There were no cheesy pop culture references, or annoyingly over-expressive interjections by Jazz, and as a result, I felt like I was able to connect with the music on a deeper level.

After a few minutes with DJ Jazz I switched back to browse through BTR’s available programs, and landed on DJ Meredith’s Extreme Endurance, which focuses on heavy, energetic dance tracks for the work out enthusiast.  Meredith promises her playlists will ‘inspire you and keep you going’ and even though I wasn’t in a gym somewhere sweating it out, I was indeed inspired.  She perked my interests and the tunes she chose were a breath of fresh air, and amazing in terms of quality.

I detoured from Extreme Endurance to investigate DJ Tracy’s Inside the Label which I found particularly interesting.  Bands like Yeasayer and Here We Go Magic dominated her playlist and between sets, she spoke about the ins and outs of the labels they call home.  If you’re at all interested in the business side of the music you love, Inside the Label is a station you need to discover for yourself.  When was the last time you were given the life story of a record company on terrestrial radio?  That’s what I thought, NEVER!

My last stop on the BTR tour was DJ Thompson’s Anatomy of a Blogger, which Audio I.V. will be featured on in the coming weeks.  If you’re an avid blogger yourself, or just love to explore new blogs this show is for you!  Anatomy of a Blogger finds out the story behind the conception and lifespan of a different blog each week, and features music that the blogger him/herself selects.

This week you can hear Thompson talk with Isreal, part of the two-man team who created TheCargoCult.com and hear some awesome tunes by bands like Hawkwind, Grace Jones, and Francoise Hardy.  This show is all about a love of music, and the inspiration behind blogging in general–definitely not your typical radio show, but that’s exactly what makes BTR so entertaining, and genuinely fun to listen to!

So now that you know a little about what BTR brings to the table, check it out for yourself.  There’s bound to be a program that fits your musical needs so browse around, check out different stations and discover some new music while you’re at it.  It was a pleasure working with BreakThruRadio.com and I can’t wait for everyone to hear the playlist we put together, as well as the interview.  Although I will admit this is my first interview EVER, so it’s not the most polished thing in the world, but it was still a blast, and I’m honored to be a part of such a legitimate musical collective.  Thanks again to BTR for your support of Audio I.V. and independent music everywhere!

Stay tuned to Audio I.V. for more info on our work with BreakThruRadio.com, links to the show and much more!


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