Dizzy Davis has us spinning!

New York based pop group, Dizzy Davis isn’t your typical musical outfit. They’re definitely not a boy band, nor are they traditionally ‘pop’. Instead the duo blends a mix of new-wave hipster pop with a more retro, 80’s-inspired vibe that’s surprisingly infectious. As a special treat, Dizzy Davis has just released a new music video for their song, “Home”. It’s a head boppin’, clap-tastic collection of visual stimulus with a distinctive east coast flair, and a fairly catchy melody if I do say so myself.

The video follows the duo through the streets of New York as they explore the depths of their imaginations, and culminates in a glittery explosion of dance moves as singer Thompson Davis croons, “home, ah ha ha” over and over. The creativity and imagination that went into making the video is anything but ordinary, and the quirky street style is just what the Dr. ordered for your hump-day blues.

Check out the video above, and visit the band’s website for more info on upcoming shows, and even more videos!


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