Yellowcard, When You’re Through Thinking Say Yes.


Ahhh Yellowcard.  You supplied the soundtrack to my Senior year of high school, “Ocean Avenue” became an instant classic for emo-kids everywhere, and then you faded away into the abyss of pop-punk.  When so many other bands were trying to cash in on the trend you stuck to your guns.  Sure your follow-ups were never as successful, and most of America would call you a one-hit-wonder, but all that is about to change, mark my words!

With the release of their seventh studio album, When You’re Through Thinking Say Yes, Yellowcard is back in full force, and ready to dominate a genre that’s been lacking substance for a long while.  Courtesy of Hopeless Records, When You’re Through Thinking Say Yes hit stores last Tuesday and has made quite a splash in a mere seven days.   Channeling everything that made Ocean Avenue a smash hit, Yellowcard proves with this record, they’re nowhere close to finished making waves.

The album’s first single, “Hang You Up” is a bit of a ballad, but still manages to retain the band’s signature energy, and knack for wordplay (the hook is, “this is a black and white of you I found, I hang you up and then I pull you down”).  When You’re Through Thinking Say Yes opens with the stunner, “The Sound of You And Me”, which we’re betting will be a summer-love single, and doesn’t slow down until “Hang You Up” comes in on track four.  Listeners should check out “With You Around” for a poppier song complete with a shout to Audio I.V. faves, Saves the Day, and stick around for “See Me Smiling”, a deeper cut with everything you loved about Ocean Avenue, and nothing you hated about Lights and Sounds.

If you’re jonesin’ for a little video action from these guys you won’t have to wait too long.  Next Tuesday you can catch the premier of the official “Hang You Up” music video on all MTV networks.  But, until then, When You’re Through Thinking Say Yes should be on the short list of new releases to explore this weekend.

Happy Friday!



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